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Private Home Care Provider License Consultants

We License Personal Care Homes, Group Homes and Home Care Agencies

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About Us

Care Enterprise, LLC experienced staff understands the time, energy, cost and state compliance requirements involved in the personal care process to license providers.  Our hope is to help you eliminate expensive mistakes that can delay approval of your application.  Our consulting firm help clients stay in compliance, so the process will go more smoothly.

Our Founders
Our owners have  personally owned and operated a personal care home for the aging and elderly, host home for the intellectually and developmentally disabled, and state licensed day care for children.  Our owners and experienced staff have over 20 years of combined expertise licensing residential personal care homes, group homes, adult foster care, assisted living, non-medical home care agencies  (also called private home care providers) and behavioral health agencies. 

Our Objective
Our goal is to take away the feelings of frustration, anxiety and being overwhelmed during the process to get state licensed.  With our consulting license program, we show you how to get licensed and know the basics of operating our facility or agency.   You then hit the ground running with the knowledge, confidence and materials needed to get things done from day one.  

We Are Persistent 
We answer our phones, return calls, make sure clients get their questions answered, are persistent in getting our questions answered by the state, work hard to make sure your investment is well worth the cost, and we will work long hours to make sure our customers are satisfied with their consulting experience.

Our Mission
Our aim is to not just meet, but to meet and exceed each client’s consulting and licensing expectations.