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We License Home Care Agencies in the State of Georgia



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We appreciate you visiting our website.   If you are serious about getting licensed as a private home care provider (PHCP), also called a non-medical home care agency, today is a great day to invest in our hands-on training class that gives you the knowledge and tools to get licensed. 

What Makes Us Different
We have a proven reputation and documented expertise in licensing in the personal care license industry throughout the United States.  There are many consultants you can call, but not every consultant has our hands-on experience, high level of integrity, honesty, expertise, programs and excellent customer service.  Also, generic advice and materials will not help you get licensed in the State of Georgia.

We Are Here to Assist You
The reason we are here is to help you navigate through the licensing process and get you licensed as a PHCP provider in Georgia.  

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Via email, phone or our contact form below to learn more about our "private home care provider" (PHCP) license "training" program in Georgia.

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