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Private Home Care Provider License Consultants

We License Home Care Agencies in the State of Georgia

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What is ahead is greater than what is behind you. Move forward in faith.  Forget about the past.  Renew your mind, behavior, and
spoken words.  It is time.  ~ Care Enterprise, LLC


Good morning, I received my approval this morning. :-)   Thank you so much! I will definitely use your services again very soon. ~ S.W.

I have to give all the glory to you this morning.  Without you I WOULD NOT be a LICENSED Private Home Care Provider this morning.  I thank you for becoming a Consultant; you were soooo helpful.  Cannot stress enough, I COULD NOT have done this without you.  Thank you. ~ L.B.

Thank you for revising our policies so promptly.  It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.  It is always a pleasure to work with you.  Thank you again. ~ J.P.

I hope all is well.   Thank you for the PHCP policy manual :) I greatly appreciate your help.  ~ J.Y.

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