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Private Home Care Provider License Training

We Have a One-Day Training to License PHCP Providers in Georgia

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Welcome To Care Enterprise, LLC

Have you been praying to find a private home care provider license consultant? We know you are tired and frustrated.  It's hard wanting to do something really bad, but not knowing how to get it done.   We can help you.  Do you feel like your purpose is to be a licensed non-medical home care provider (PHCP) in the State of Georgia?  Have you looked at the state licensing regulations and feel overwhelmed and anxious?  We can help you.  If you want to become a licensed home care agency in the State of Georgia, our licensing program is exactly what you need.   We consult and train our clients based specifically on the rules and regulations required from Georgia Department of Community Health licensing standards for PHCP.

Did you know in the next few years the personal care industry for seniors will be a $300 billion business?  Knowing how to help seniors age well in Georgia is a matter of urgency.  In 2030, the Census Bureau estimates that more than 20 percent of the state’s residents will be 60 or older.   Staying in one’s home is getting easier for some seniors, provided they can get access to home services.  Care Enterprise, LLC private home care provider (PHCP) license one-day 7-hour training that provides hands-on work, knowledge, tools and materials to get licensed and approved in Georgia.  Click Here to learn more about our upcoming training.

Private Home Care Provider License for Georgia
A private home care agency (PHCP) is also called a non-medical home care agency, in-home care and personal home care provider.  A PHCP provides caregivers in individuals' homes or environment to deliver non-medical personal care services, companion sitting and sometimes nursing services.  Non-medical care is when the caregivers assist clients with their activities for daily living (ADL's).   ADL's may include bathing, laundry, cooking, medication reminders, transportation, companion sitting, and cleaning. 

PHCP License Training Class Includes:  7-hours of information and training that includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, training binder, PHCP policy manual and operations forms based on Georgia's policy rules, regulations, codes, standards and we show you how to submit your online application and supporting documents.  

What Makes Care Enterprise, LLC Different?
We deliver the most affordable and comprehensive PHCP license training and program in Georgia.  Our private home care provider license price and materials are specific to the State of Georgia standards and codes.  Our  program goes over and above providing hands-on work, information, knowledge and materials to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.  Click Here to learn more.

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